We are a film service company based in Berlin, Tempelhof specialising in motion control, table top, high-speed video, SVX, DiT services and camera to cloud solutions. In addition, our partners at can provide you with the camera and lightning equipment you need including a 1000m² studio. Check out our portfolio below and have a look at the case studies where we share our work experience.

motion control

Our Bolt Jr+© Cine Bot was developed and produced by Marc Roberts Motion Control. It was awarded Best Product at NAB in 2021.

​With a maximum of 10 kg. payload the system can be used with nearly any available camera reaching impressive speeds.​

  • horizontal and vertical movement speeds of up to 2 metres per second.
  • 180-degrees of rotation in 1 second.
  • impressive and sophisticated high-speed, automated image capture.
  • Every camera move under complete control – precisely repeatable.
  • Synchronised motion with external triggers and model movers for extreme precision timing.
  • High-speed, precise control of zoom, iris & lens. Fastest & most powerful motors in the world.
  • 3D integration – create moves in Maya and feed them into the Bolt.
  • affordable high-speed motion control system.
  • ready for action in under an hour.


  • Maximum Height : 2.5 meter / 8’2”
  • Lowest Position: 0 meter
  • Maximum arm reach (from rotate centre): 1.4m | 4’7”
  • Maximum arm reach on tracks (from end to end) 2.8 meter + 9 meter track = 11.8 meter.
  • Tracks length: 3 – 9 meter / up to 27 meters on request ( Available from 8th of April ).


We offer a wide range of visual FXs for table top, food and beauty.
Motion control systems can be synchronised frame accurate with air-pressure valves
and electrical actuators which enables precise and efficient workflow.
Tell us about your idea in the contact form below and we will find the right solution for it.

case studies

Frequently updated blog which showcases behind the scenes information and know how.

case studies

A selection of projects we have worked on

Christmas campaign for Nespresso Venturo
Client: Nespresso, Germany

Agency: Scholz & Friends
Production: AFTERRAIN
Director: Ole Borgmeier
DoP: Matthias Maciej Rolbiecki
Gaffer: Sven Paetsch
Set Design: Marlene Stark
Set Runner: Lisa Gütschow
Grading: Moritz Bastian
Music: Marlon Jarek
Behind the scene: Thaina Rodriguez
Rental + Studio: Ludwig Kameraverleih Team:
FX Director: Mieszko Socha
FX Producer: Maciej Thiem
Robot operator: Plamen Bontchev

Behind The Scenes
Campaign for Aldi Süd and Nord
Client: Aldi, Germany

Agency: McCann
Production: TWIST Filmproduktion
Director: Felix Urbauer
DoP: Pierre Castillo Bernad
Robot Operator: Plamen Bontchev
BTS: Maciej Thiem
Gaffer: Jens Meiners
Set Deisgn: Rolf Buck
Edit: Felix Urbauer

Campaign for Neulich Hell
Client: Brauhaus Neulich, Germany

Director Mieszko Socha
Robot Operator: Plamen Bontchev
1.AC: Max Thieme
Edit: Mieszko Socha
Grading: Mind And Image

Music Video
Client: UFO361

Production: MM01
Director: Max von Gumppenberg
Creative Director: Maria Koch
DoP: Jakob Stark
Styling: Marc Goehring
SFX Director: Mieszko Socha
Robot Operator: Plamen Bontchev
Gaffer: Arne Buettner
Set Deisgn: Josche Allwardt
Edit: Marc Böhlhoff, BFS
Grading: Nicolai Wolff

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video service
Check out our Phantom cameras
and ask for a testing day in our studio.
miro lc320
Its small size, great image quality, ability to shoot up to 1,500 fps at 1080p HD, and built-in controls make the camera an extremely fun and easy to operate high-speed video capturing tool. ​
  • a small, lightweight, and rugged digital high-speed camera with many of the features found on larger and more expensive camera models.
  • includes HD-SDI output unlike other Miro R, LC, and Lab models.
  • 2-megapixel resolution at 3.2 Gpx/s throughput which translates to 1380 fps at 1920 x 1200, or over
  • 1500 fps at 1920 x 1080.
  • up to 325,000 fps available at reduced resolutions.
  • compatible with Vision Research’s CineFlash storage technology. Direct image transfer from camera-to-PC and edit with Phantom Camera Control software.
  • advanced features including an internal capping shutter, Image-Based Auto-Trigger, camera synchronization, immediate playback of recorded cines.
  • PL and Nikon Mount.

Price: on request.
phantom flex 4K-GS
The flagship among high-speed cameras. The combination of a global shutter with a 35mm format sensor which supports 4K resolution with up to 1,000 fps makes this camera a real workhorse with improved latitude, resolution and sensitivity. ​
  • a custom global shutter sensor ensures that every pixel is exposed to light at the exact same moment in time.
  • switch between global and rolling shutter modes to take advantage of both scenarios.
  • up to 1000fps at 4096 x 2160 RAW.
  • up to 938fps in 4096 x 2304 RAW.
  • a true 35mm custom 10MP sensor with impressive dynamic range and low noise.
  • additional RAM upgrade doubles the internal RAM to 128GB.
  • CineMags and the on-board solid state memory allow direct recording into the camera's RAM and nearly instant upload to CineMag.
  • Improved performance at standard frame rates.

Price: on request.
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Cloud-based solutions enable you to stay connected with all your team members. Get instant feedback and approvals when you need them which allows you to stay creative and productive. Proxi data distribution is encrypted and offers a very high level of security for your assets, content and data.

The intuitive UX of which we offer, makes your remote workflow feel effortless to use and you get more time to concentrate on your work.


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Camera rental

Camera Rental, or how to deliver the highest quality of motion picture? What are the tasks facing the camera operator? The most important task, without