Mark Roberts Motion Control Berlin

Marks Roberts Motion Control Berlin

Mark Roberts Motion Control – the market leader in motion control devices.

Motion Control Berlin chose to use Mark Roberts motion control equipment because of their great experience in the film industry, their reliability and use of the highest safety standards in all of their systems. In today’s blog, you will learn about the history of this remarkable company. 

Mark Roberts Motion Control is a brand that is known around the world. The company engages not only in the design, but also in the production of robotic camera systems. Known and appreciated by professionals, the machines meet the highest expectations of demands in the film and television industry. The equipment manufactured by Marks Roberts Motion Control is distinguished by the speed and efficiency required to capture unique and uncommon scenes for films and series. Marks Roberts Motion Control is a company, operating on all continents. It employs passionate experts motion control, transmission solutions and product photography. All of the company’s available products – from design to installation – are built at its factory in Surrey, in southeastern England.

Marks Roberts Motion Control

Mark Roberts Motion Control – a history of the company 

Years from 1966 to 1991

From the company’s inception to 2022, only 56 years have passed. It is unimaginable in what direction and how far the company’s owners have managed to reach. To find out what the beginning of Mark Roberts Motion Control was, we have to go back to 1966. Mark Roberts is a young engineer and inventor, who begins his journey in designing animation kits. The breakthrough, however, doesn’t come until 1991, when the Motion Control team produces the Milo. The motion control device revolutionizes the television and film industry. It can be used outside of the studios and its design and remarkable capabilities allow for stable macro-operation and live-action filming.

1991 to 1999

In 1993, the first version of “Flair” is launched. It is a camera robotics software that controls motion. Today, after many improvements and changes, it is the culmination of more than 50 years of experience in robotics, allowing nearly infinite possibilities for robotic movements. Marks Roberts Motion Control has grown rapidly, pursuing its first awards. In 1999 the Milo is awarded an Oscar for Visual Effects at the prestigious American Academy Award.

1999 to 2014

In those years the company gains greater impact on the film and television industry. In 2008 Mark Roberts Motion Control creates a rental division, which allows them to the apply their equipment on a much larger scale. In 2012, Marks Roberts revolutionizes the industry again with the production of the world’s fastest device for motion control – the Bolt. Two years later, in 2014, the StudioBot appears on the market which is a 9-axis robotics system.

Marks Roberts

2014 to 2020

Mark Roberts Motion Control is a powerhouse when it comes to robotics and the film industry. Nikon recognizes that and in 2016 Mark Roberts Motion Control becomes a division of the Japanese manufacturer of photographic and optical equipment. As expected, the confluence of the two giants led to the creation of the Robotic Pod. The task of this tool is to automatically capture images. And it finds application in many Nikon cameras. In the same year the company receives the prestigious Queen’s Award for International Trade Entrepreneurship.

The Bolt, which was created in 2012, lived to see a new iteration of itself – the Bolt Jr. In 2018 the Showbolt appears on the market. It’s an interactive robot used for red carpet events. In 2019, Marks Roberts Motion Control brimngs out the Polymotion Stage – a mobile studio which helps you create 3D videos and images anywhere.

2020 – Bolt Jr+’s debut on the international stage

In 2020, things were in the shakeup again. Marks Roberts Motion Control released the Bolt Jr+. It’S a compact, affordable high-speed system with a big range and incredible agility. In addition, the smaller platform, does not compromise in lifting capacity wjhich is 10 kilograms. Such an outstanding device could not be missing in the catalog of Motion Control Berlin.

2021/2022 – Mark Roberts Motion Control has won many awards.

SVG Sports TV Awards;

NAB Show Product of the Year for Bolt X;

Polymotion Stage Product of the Year;

Broadcast Tech Innovation Award for Polymotion Stage;

NAB Show Product of the Year 2021 awards for the best new technologies, which were given in the “Camera, Support, Control and Accessories” category.

The company’s products are used all over the world. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to rent out equipment of this class on the German market. Motion Control Berlin is offering the Bolt Jr+, which is extremely popular, among professionals

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