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Camera Rental, or how to deliver the highest quality of motion picture?

What are the tasks facing the camera operator? The most important task, without a doubt, is to take motion pictures. His skills greatly affect the level of cinematography in a film. Does only the knowledge and professionalism of the cameraman matter? Would you be able to produce a professional film or TV show using a camera that did not record to film standards? Theoretically, it would be possible. However, in this case, theory has little to do with reality. It is worth bearing in mind that it is the combination of a great cameraman who knows his craft and the professional equipment that creates a comfortable situation for the crew as well as the client. For example, it helps the production to keep deadlines for technical reasons, or to create shots that comply the standard of the film image. This is why a rental camera can save you overtime costs. Knowing how much the shooting, and the entire production period costs, it is advisable to opt for a professional film rental service, such as the group that works with us. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us via email for a comprehensive offer.

Rental camera – why is it worth it?

Observing the film industry, you are probably well aware of the fact that approximately every 2-3 years new camera models appear on the market. Do you remember the stir when the Arri Alexa SXT appeared on the market in 2016? It was huge. The first camera from Arri in 4k resolution capable of recording in rec.2020 Color space. But who remembers this model today? Not many. Technological progress is so fast and the demands of clients and operators so high, that investing in your own film equipment, will almost always prove to be a higher risk decision than a rental camera. Camera rental prices are about 1 percent of the purchase price, but it is important to remember that in addition to renting a camera, you are also renting security, and care from a rental service.

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What part of the film production requires the largest budget? Of course, the shooting period. This is related to the fact that in this period almost the entire team is involved – including directing, production, production design and cinematography. When the entire crew is on set, what would an equipment failure cost for the production if there is a technical interruption? This example reflects why the professional cameras we use along with our robotic camera system are up to ten times more expensive compared to prosumer cameras such as the Canon 5D MARK IV. Should this come as a surprise? Absolutely not. Equipment of this kind has no right to fail. That’s why they go through hundreds of tests before entering the market. In addition, professional camera rentals, constantly service their equipment, keeping them at the highest level of reliability.

Slow motion camera + slider camera – this is an excellent example of the effective use of camera rental over a purchase.

When writing about the advantage of renting over buying equipment it is worth mentioning slow motion cameras, and the popular sets with a slider camera for them. This set will allow you to get a dynamic and smooth motion effect. You can get even more extreme effects by combining motion on the slider with a rotating table. (Tip try placing the product outside the central pivot point for additional dynamics.

You can find a slider on the market for 100 euros. And looking further, it’s not out of the question that you’ll come across a product priced at 10,000 euros. Since it’s just a slider, theoretically, if you use the number 1 product, the result should be similar to what you get using a camera slider for 10 000€? In fact, this is the case. The difference is that the more expensive slider allows you to get the target shot during the first attempts, while a slider for 100€ turns the shooting into a lottery and endless attempts to realize the shot. What you gain is the comfort of your work. You don’t have to worry about possible breakdowns and interruptions. Professional equipment is irreplaceable.

When shooting commercial TABLE TOP shots with a robotic arm, a set of 2 or even 3 units in 1 studio is very popular. The first set is realized by the robotic arm, the next through the camera on the slider and on the third set stop motion shots are realized.

Very popular is the use of a slow-motion camera on a slider camera. This is a solution often used in table top commercials. Although it does not allow for the necessary control over focus, it does allow for important dynamics in motion. As with the slider, prices vary widely. However, a slow-motion camcorder that can film with 1000 fps is far more expensive than a movie camera, and even more rarely found and used on film sets. Therefore, in this case, the vast majority of productions choose rental camcorder. If you, too, are interested in such a set, we encourage you to send an inquiry to our e-mail address.

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Using the services of professional rental companies – what are the benefits?

  1. cost reduction.

As we have already mentioned, the purchase of professional equipment can involve spending several or even tens of thousands of euros. Not surprisingly, not everyone wants or can afford such an expense. In this situation, renting a camera is the best solution. We offer not only professional equipment, but also professional rental conditions. This combination is a guarantee to please even the most demanding operators.

  1. unlimited access to specialized equipment

Rental companies give you the opportunity to access highly specialized equipment in an extremely economical and efficient way. Companies that need equipment often compromise and buy cheaper equipment of lower quality, which is used only a few times a year. This solution, is not cost-effective. It is definitely better to use rental cameras and get top-quality equipment at a favorable price. Take into account that using camera rentals is also a solution which saves you insurance, and servicing expenses.

Which camera rental company should you choose? First of all, it is worth bearing in mind whether the rental company offers only equipment rental, or also professional advice in this area. How many years it has been on the market? What kind of projects it has carried out? Does it offer the possibility to test the equipment on site?

Thanks to our cooperation with Ludwig Kameraverleih GmbH and MBF Filmtechnik Handels-GmbH, which makes the network, we offer the highest standard of rental camera equipment on the market, and a wide network of services throughout Germany. We offer the camera robotic arm, cameras from Arri such as the Amira, Alexa Mini, Alexa Mini LF, the latest cameras from Sony Venice 2, Red Raptor offering 120 fps in 8k, and lenses from the most renowned manufacturers worldwide: Zeiss, Angenieux, Cook, Canon.

Excellent quality equipment, clear rental conditions and favorable prices is what you need. If you are looking for a camera rental, you get in contact with us. You are welcome.

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